This Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statement explains how The Western Health Foundation ABN 37 867 721 909 (referred to as "The Foundation", "organisers", "we", "our", or "us") collects and protects the privacy of personal information about you, or provided by you, via our website or from other sources.

This Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statement does not apply in relation to acts and practices of The Foundation which relate directly to the employee records of present and former employees of The Foundation.

Collection of Your Personal Information

The Foundation will generally collect personal information about you directly from you when you use this website or deal with us by other means, including over the telephone or by letter or e-mail.  Normally, the type of personal information collected will include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address..

Disclosure Statement

The Foundation collects personal information for some or all of the following purposes:

-        managing events and activities conducted by The Foundation;

-        providing marketing information to you about the activities of The Foundation; and

-         internal administration, training, assessments and reviews and any other use permitted under this Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statement or by law.

-         If you do not provide any information requested, we may not be able to participate or provide you with information for the purposes outlined above.

We may collect personal information about you from a third party source in this instance Go Fundraise. The Foundation will take reasonable steps to contact you and make you aware of the purposes for which we have collected your personal information.

Use or disclosure of Your Personal Information

The Foundation will use and disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which the personal information was collected or for purposes related to or ancillary to that primary purpose. We do not disclose collected personal information to third parties, other than our consultants or advisers and third parties who conduct activities with us, in this instance Go Fundraise.  For administrative and/or regulatory purposes, some information may be shared with Western Health ABN 61 166 735 672.

The Foundation may, from time to time, engage third party contractors to carry out work for us. Third party contractors will be directed to only use collected personal information about you, for the specific authorised purpose for which that personal information has been supplied by us to the contractor. 

Personal Information about Other People

You must not provide personal information to us about another person, unless you are a legal representative of that person or that person has properly authorised you, allowing us to collect, use and disclose personal information about that person for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statement.

Access to Personal Information

The Foundation will, upon request, provide you with access to personal information held by us about you, subject to any limitations or exceptions in the Privacy Act.

The Foundation will deal with requests for access within a reasonable time. You may be required to pay The Foundation for any costs incurred in providing you with access.

If The Foundation refuses to provide you with access to personal information about you, we will provide you with reasons for the refusal, in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act.

Up-To-Date Information

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is up-to-date when collected or used by The Foundation. If any personal information held by us about you is incorrect, you should contact us immediately, so that we can take reasonable steps to update your information.

Security of Personal Information

The Foundation will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse and unauthorised disclosure.

Personal information about you may be stored in hard copy or electronically in data information storage systems. The Foundation maintains physical security, as well as network and computer security over paper and electronic data information storage systems.

Foreign Countries

The Foundation will not transfer your personal information to foreign countries.


You may gain access to your personal information, make a complaint about breach of your privacy rights, or make enquiries about collection or use of your personal information by contacting The Foundation Privacy Officer:

Mail: Western Health Foundation, Sunshine Hospital, 176 Furlong Road, St Albans VIC 3021

Telephone: 03 8395 8061 Fax: 03 8395 8259 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Foundation will endeavour to respond to your query or complaint in a reasonable timeframe.

Complaints about The Foundation’s handling of personal and health information can also be made to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

© Western Health Foundation. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced in any manner without express written permission from Western Health.


‘WalkWest’ Terms & Conditions

Transfers, Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that that by registering for WalkWest you acknowledge and accept the cancellation terms below:

I hereby understand and acknowledge that all fees and associated costs (including optional product purchases and donations), paid for WalkWest event are, under any circumstances, NON REFUNDABLE, including but not limited to injury, a scheduling conflict, change of venue, event rescheduling and/or event cancellation. I accept that the organisers reserve the right to alter the advertised course, change venues, reschedule or cancel the event altogether if conditions warrant it, or otherwise, at the organisers sole discretion. If the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, natural disaster, acts of god, terrorism, war or any other reason deemed reasonable by the event organisers, the event will be re-scheduled where possible. If the event is capable of being rescheduled then at the organiser’s discretion registrations will be deemed valid for the rescheduled event date, subject to any notified conditions. These terms and conditions and any conditions notified at the time of a rescheduling direction shall apply to the rescheduled event.

Registrations are non-transferable.  If you are registering a team, you warrant and acknowledge that all team members are bound by this Transfer, Refund and Cancellation policy.  If you are registering a minor, you warrant that you are a parent or guardian of those minors.

Conditions of Entry

In completing this registration form I hereby declare that I am participating in this event entirely at my own risk. I acknowledge that all persons directly or indirectly involved in organising this event are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by me or other relating to my participation in the event (whether as a result of negligence or otherwise). I agree to indemnify the sponsors, organisers and all officials against any and all claims arising from my participation in the WalkWest Run or Walk. I agree to abide by the rules laid down by the organisers.

Please refer to our website for a full list of Terms & Conditions or contact us on 1300 079 599

Use of Image: I consent to the event organisers and approved contractors using my name, image, likeness and also my performance in the event, at any time, to promote the event by any form of media.

The following conditions of entry apply to all participants and visitors to WalkWest.

  1. I understand that the organisers reserve the right to alter the advertised course or location, close or withdraw obstacles, to postpone, reschedule or cancel the event if conditions warrant it or otherwise at the organiser’s sole discretion, including for the following reasons: if natural or man-made emergencies make administering the event unreasonable due to weather conditions, natural disaster, acts of god, terrorism, war or any other reason (at the organiser’s sole discretion), and that my entry fee will be non-refundable.
  2. All participants must read and sign the Participants Waiver. All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian read and sign the participant’s waiver on their behalf. You represent that you are the parent or authorised guardian of any children aged 17 and under (‘minors’) accompanying you, and provide these acknowledgments and disclaimers on behalf of yourself and all such accompanying minors. This disclaimer must be received on the day of the race at the registration tent, before any registration packs are handed over to the participant and they can start the race.
  3. I agree to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times, including obeying all laws event rules and directions of officials and I understand that my entry may be voided if through my actions or behaviour, in the opinions of the organisers, I have broken these rules or brought the event into disrepute. I further understand that the organisers reserve the right to reject any entry without having to justify their actions
  4. I acknowledge that any property or equipment (without limitation) that I bring into WalkWest is at my own risk and release The Western Health Foundation (and its officers, employees, agents and contractors) from and against any claim or liability in relation to loss of or damage to such property, even where such loss or damage is caused by negligence, default or breach of contract by Western Health Foundation (or its officers, employees, agents and contractors)
  5. I grant permission to the Western Health Foundation to use my photograph, video, multimedia and/or likenesses of me captured during the event by Western Health Foundation and its affiliates or contractors without payment and/or compensation to you. These items become the sole property of Western Health Foundation to use for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to promoting, advertising and marketing activities.