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I'm walking to support Western Health. Come rain or shine

I was born in Footscray Hospital around the time it opened, and we are now getting a bit decrepit.  I’m determined that we have the best health care in the west, so I am  upping the ante and adding to 42 km to the proposed days to make it 84 km  in 21 days.  This will represent the additional distance from by home in Ringwood to Sunshine Hospital, via Footscray Hospital.  

I have a close association with the West, as I come from a Western Bulldogs family, and when I contracted polio during the big epidemic of 1954, the Polio Clinic was situated at the Footscray Football Ground aka the Whitten Oval.

As a Director of Western Health, the funds I raise will support continued provision of best health care for all people living in Melbourne’s west. Please support me with your generous donation to show not only  thanks to the healthcare staff we’ve relied on so much this year, but also to indicate a commitment to the people of the West.

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Whitten Oval (3km complete)

Sun Theatre (6km complete)

Williamstown Beach (13km complete)

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club (29km complete)

Werribee Zoo (challenge complete @42km)

My Updates

I’ve made to Werribee Open range Zoo...time to walk home

Sunday 22nd Nov
Living in the eastern suburbs, I committed to walking 42 km to get to Footscray before starting the #WalkWestVirtualLandmarks Challenge.  Will I have now arrived at Werribee Open Plain Zoo after walking 86.9 km...over my target of 84 km,  Now that I have done that I am adding another 59 km which represents how far it is from the Zoo to my house,  

This is a photo Gorgeous George the Giraffe whose photo I took while in Kenya last year with my niece. 

I am on my way

Wednesday 11th Nov
So I have begun walking.  It was really hot yesterday, but I still managed to reach my 6km goal.  I did that by walking half an hour before I started work in the morning, and then by walking for an hour after work.  The evening walk was difficult, because it was still quite warm.  But I did it, and thank goodness for seats along the way where I could rest my poor old hands which hurt more than my feet due to using crutches.  But worth it to get the exercise I need and to support Western Health.
Thursday 29th Oct
I am still in training for #WalkWest and as you can see, "my" staff are making sure where I walk is in good condition. walks with me, so it is a good opportunity to relax and chat. So far, in a week I have walked from Ringwood to Footscray and half way round the course.

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Tricia Malowney


Chris Haggarty

Good luck


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Good on you Tricia! Thats a big effort.


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Dear Tricia You are such an inspiration. Therese


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Go for it Trish


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Have fun! And enjoy the day


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Good on you Tricia!


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Worthy choice Tricia , best of luck


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You go girl x


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Great work Tricia!


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Good luck, keep us informed!