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My target 84 kms

We are walking to support care for cancer patients in Melbourne's west!

I'm taking on 42km in 21 days to show support, care and compassion for cancer patients in Melbourne's west.

The funds I raise for Western Health will support additional care initiatives for patients experiencing a cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • $50 could cover the costs of a taxi to and from a chemotherapy session for patients with limited support networks
  • $100 could help to provide a pack of essential care items to a patient diagnosed with cancer, to help cope with the various stages of treatment
  • $250 could pay for a patient to enrol in a specially tailored gym package, ensuring they are physically able to meet the challenges of chemotherapy.

Please make a donation and support my challenge. Any contribution you can make will help make a difference.

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$50 raised

$250 raised

$500 raised

Whitten Oval (3km complete)

Sun Theatre (6km complete)

Williamstown Beach (13km complete)

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club (29km complete)

Werribee Zoo (challenge complete @42km)

My Updates

Final day

Sunday 21st Nov
I went for a bike ride again today and did my usual route, which is around 10.5 to 11 kms worth.
Caitlin walked 13,444 steps, which equals 8.2 kms.
Last day of the challenge and target reached!
We did it! Unfortunately we didn't get to our fundraising target, but we got close.

Day 20

Sunday 21st Nov
It doesn't look like Caitlin walked as much today, but she played 2 quarters of Netball and that doesn't show up on ones steps. 10,005 steps, which is equal to 7 kms.
I have the bike ride from yesterday carried over.
Target reached.

Day 19

Friday 19th Nov
Got to get on the bike today and go for a ride. Then I carried my phone pretty much everywhere with me. So today I did my target for today and tomorrow. Steps is 6,673 and kms (because the app that I use doesn't count bike rides in the steps) is 12.87.
Caitlin walked and walked, doing a total of 12,178 steps, which is 7.9 kms.
Target reached for today. 

Day 18

Thursday 18th Nov
Caitlin has done a total of 14,191 steps, which is 9.4 kms.
I held my phone almost everywhere I went today and ended up with 6,717 steps, which is 4.41 kms.
Target reached today.

Day 17

Wednesday 17th Nov
Caitlin put on her walking shoes today and did 12,911 steps, which is a total of 8.8 kms.
I got off the treadmill and out into the brief moment of sunshine and walked, I did 6,606 steps, which is 4.51 kms.
Target for the day reached. 

Day 16

Wednesday 17th Nov
Treadmill for me and walking for Caitlin.
Caitlin did 10,615 steps, which is 7.3 kms.
Target reached today.

Day 15

Tuesday 16th Nov
Caitlin walked and walked today, doing 15,619 steps, which equals 10.1 kms!
Windy, wet weather and work, I'm not sure if I will get on a bike for a ride again before this event finishes. Thank goodness for the treadmill.
Target completed today.

Day 14

Sunday 14th Nov
Very windy and leg/ back still sore, so I just took the dogs for a walk. I did 4,936 steps, equaling 3.19 kms.
Caitlin didn't walk as much as some of the days. She did 10302 steps, equaling 6.3 kms.
We reached today's target.

Day 13

Saturday 13th Nov
Wet, but not raining as much today. However, done something to my back/ leg, so back on the treadmill again for a gentle (sort of) walk.
Caitlin didn't walk around as mush today. She only did 10,278 steps/ 6.2 kms.
Target reached though for today.

Day 12

Saturday 13th Nov
Rained most of the day today, so couldn't go bike riding. Back on the treadmill.
Caitlin walked and did 15,466 steps or 9.2 kms.
Target reached for another day.

Day 11

Thursday 11th Nov
Caitlin did 11,790 steps, which is 8.2 kms.
I just actually walked today & used the fitness app to record the steps. I did 3,992 steps which is 3.1 kms.

Day 10

Wednesday 10th Nov
Back on the treadmill for me today. Got the job done.
Caitlin walked and walked around today and ended up with 12,300 steps, which equals 8.3 kms.

Day 9

Tuesday 9th Nov
I'm using my bike ride from yesterday for today's kms.
Caitlin has been walking hard and done 12,101 steps, which is 8.4 kms today.

Day 8

Monday 8th Nov
Bike ride again today for me. Can't seem to get the screen shot up of the fitness app, so just putting the map up again. This is my 2 kms for today and 2 kms for tomorrow.
Caitlin walked and walked today - 11,333 steps and 7.8 kms.

Day 7

Monday 8th Nov
I got on my bike for the first time in months. Unfortunately, I didn't get the fitness app to work, so Caitlin has helped get it up and running for future use. The route I did is between 10.5 and 11 kms, therefore I am using it for both day 5 & day 7.
Caitlin did 10,917 steps, or 6.3 kms

Day 6

Sunday 7th Nov
Windy, humid day today, Queensland has moved to Victoria again.
So I just hit the treadmill again for my 2 kms and still need to make up my 2 from the 5/11.
Caitlin worked and walked - 16,891 steps, which is 9.2 kms!

Day 5

Saturday 6th Nov
No real time to get in my 2 kms of 'extra' walking/ exercise today. So I will make it up over the weekend.
Caitlin had a VCE exam today and couldn't record all of her steps. However, she still did 10,003 steps, which equals 6.7 kms.

Day 4

Thursday 4th Nov
Get my kms in early again this morning, by getting on the treadmill early.
Caitlin went to school again and has at the time of writing has done 11,972 steps, which is 8 kms.

Day 3

Wednesday 3rd Nov
Treadmill again for me today, 2.68 kms :-)
Caitlin did 11,282 steps and 7.6 kms :-)

Day 2

Tuesday 2nd Nov
First real hot day of the Spring/ Summer season.
Caitlin did a total of 10,800 steps, which equals 7.4 kms today.
I got on the treadmill early and pushed a bit more than ususal and got 3 kms in 30mins.
Target of 4 kms for the day reached.

Day 1

Monday 1st Nov
Day 1 of our challenge.
Caitlin has done 12,005 steps as at 7pm today, meaning that she has walked 8.4 kms over the day so far.
Among other 'normal' things I did today, I also did 30 mins on the treadmill - thanks very, very much to Kelly and Karl for their almost permanent loan of the great treadmill. I managed to do 2.83 kms.
Target reached for today :-) 

Before we start

Friday 29th Oct
Caitlin and I have decided the following - since their are the two of us and that we are able to participate in multiple activities in order to reach the original target of 42 kms in 21 days, we will make it 84 kms now in the same timeframe. 
The was we will generally record this is combining our individual daily totals, because we will likely do different activities most days. However, as long as we can prove that we have done a minimum of 2 kms each, everyday, 4 kms per day is what we will record.
Caitlin will have a fitness app. I'm not sure what I will have yet.

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Fiona Thorn

Good luck it is amazing to be able to do the walk together and more amazing that you are both helping those in need. 👍💕



Enjoy your walking!


Anita And Caitlin Rea


Michael Lo


Carolyn And Therese

Go Gals!


Dawn Gibb

With love, Mum/ Grandma xxx



Go girls!!


Kelly Gould-martin

Amazing initiative ladies, thankyou so much xx


Caitlin Rea


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Great effort Anita and Caitlin!


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great work- good luck with reaching your target


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Go you good people you!!!


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Well done ladies , happy walking !!


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Stay hydrated!


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Good luck with your walking Challenge! A great cause to support! Go Anita & Caitlin💕


Anne-marie Darlington

Legends Caitlin and Anita. A cause so close to my heart right now xx


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You go babes :) means a lot to see people like you doing this


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