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I'm walking to support care for cancer patients in Melbourne's west!

My birthday's this November and this year, I want to do something different. There's no need for any presents. Please consider donating instead! :D 

Some of you may know I lost my mother to colorectal cancer a few years back. Whilst she was not treated here in Australia, the struggle for cancer patients is universal. They push on, using all their strength to get up and out of bed, making it to each clinic appointment and continue treatments just so they can spend more quality time with loved ones. Lets help them focus on spending time doing the things they love instead of focusing on the financial costs. 

I'm taking on 42km in 21 days to show support, care and compassion for cancer patients in Melbourne's west. 

The funds I raise for Western Health will support additional care initiatives for patients experiencing a cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • $50 could cover the costs of a taxi to and from a chemotherapy session for patients with limited support networks
  • $100 could help to provide a pack of essential care items to a patient diagnosed with cancer, to help cope with the various stages of treatment
  • $250 could pay for a patient to enrol in a specially tailored gym package, ensuring they are physically able to meet the challenges of chemotherapy.

Please make a donation and support my challenge. Any contribution you can make will help make a difference.

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Whitten Oval (3km complete)

Sun Theatre (6km complete)

Williamstown Beach (13km complete)

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club (29km complete)

Werribee Zoo (challenge complete @42km)

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Ml & Sc

Happy Birthday!


Digital Health Ops Team

A line is a dot that went for a walk. Happy birthday!


Lily Liu

Happy Birthday Ann! Great contribution to the community!


Kat Chin

Keep on Ann! You're an inspiration!


Jen Tiet

Happy birthday Ann! I’m so lucky to have a friend like you x


Brian And Clarissa Cheng

Happy birthday Ann :) Thanks for being such a blessing to all of us.


Ding & Nicole

Happy birthday!



Great stuff Ann, keep on walking 👏👏👏


Sarah And Devon

Happy Birthday :)


Nicole Stevens-warton

Happy 30th birthday Ann and all the best for your wonderful cause. Enjoy the walking!


Maneesh Verma

Happy 30th birthday Ann and all the best !


Tim Lim

All the best with the fundraiser Ann!


Wendy L

Well done Ann!


Oliver Daly

Happy birthday Ann and great effort on the WW


Jo-anna Wood

Happy walking and happy birthday Ann. What a beautiful way to celebrate/remember your Mum’s legacy too.




Simon Thomas

Well done from Simon (new EMR team mate) - glad DOW matching today, thanks for their support too!


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