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I'm walking to support care for cancer patients in Melbourne's west!

I'm taking on 42km in 21 days to show support, care and compassion for cancer patients in Melbourne's west.

The funds I raise for Western Health will support additional care initiatives for patients experiencing a cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • $50 could cover the costs of a taxi to and from a chemotherapy session for patients with limited support networks
  • $100 could help to provide a pack of essential care items to a patient diagnosed with cancer, to help cope with the various stages of treatment
  • $250 could pay for a patient to enrol in a specially tailored gym package, ensuring they are physically able to meet the challenges of chemotherapy.

Please make a donation and support my challenge. Any contribution you can make will help make a difference.

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$50 raised

$250 raised

$500 raised

Whitten Oval (3km complete)

Sun Theatre (6km complete)

Williamstown Beach (13km complete)

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club (29km complete)

Werribee Zoo (challenge complete @42km)

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Hien Doan

Dear Lon, Thank you so much for your dedication in taking care of cancer patients including our dad. Not only are you a great nurse but your altruism is truly remarkable. Thank you for raising money for cancer patients! You are a delight With love, The DOANS and co: Huong, Hien, Lanh and Hieu Chhun and Thuy


Terry Luu

🏃🏻‍♀️💨 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏾


Jen Lamb

Go Lonnie!!! I've had a few of my relatives pass away due to cancer, it's the most horrible thing ever. #fsckcancer Super grateful for your efforts and dedication ❤️❤️



NYC cookies & fondant cookies 🍪🍪🍪



Fondant cookies and cupcakes 🧁


Vicki Tran



Monica Shamon Lawyers


Tony Tran

I’ll donate more if you shave your head 😁



My close friend’s dad passed away from cancer, so thank you for everything that you do towards a great cause.


Michelle Tran

You are amazing Lon! Such a great cause ❤️


Dow Matched Donation


Minh Hoang


Grace And Archie

Very proud of you gall


Eric Hoang


Tony Nguyen

Keep up the good work! You go girlfriend!


Phtven Tran

How is Minh so handsome 🥲


Dow Matched Donation


Steph La


Cindy & Dave

Amazing work Lonnie - you got this!



such a great cause!


Tina Hoang

Goodluck 💕


Kay Hung

Amazing efforts Lon! Good luck :)


Huong Vo

Amazing work Lon!! X


Linh Vo

Keep up with the great work Lon! X


Cindy And John

Good work Lon and thank you for everything that you do! ❤️


Mum And Dad


Keely Nguyen


Wendy Tran

Go Lon!!! You’ve got this in the bag 💪🏼


Helen Do

Well done Lon & the Day Onc team, especially to my fellow Oncology Social Workers.


Dow Matched Donation


Ying Bot

Go Lonnie!!!


Morica Tran

Good luck, you've got this!


Thao Tran

Goodluck you gun 💪🏻💪🏻