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My target 42 kms

I'm walking to support our healthcare heroes!

I’m taking on 42km in 21 days to show my appreciation to all the hard working hospital staff at Western Health. The funds I raise will support the best care for the health of people living in Melbourne’s west. Please support me with your generous donation to show thanks to the healthcare staff we’ve relied on so much this year.

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$100 raised

$250 raised

$500 raised

Whitten Oval (3km complete)

Sun Theatre (6km complete)

Williamstown Beach (13km complete)

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club (29km complete)

Werribee Zoo (challenge complete @42km)

My Updates

Day 21

Monday 30th Nov
Final day today. 
Walked further than I thought :-)

Day 20

Sunday 29th Nov
In the home stretch now. 

Day 19

Saturday 28th Nov
Lots of people out exercising even though it’s raining on and off. 

Day 18

Friday 27th Nov
Blue sky and a cool breeze are great for a morning walk. 

Day 17

Thursday 26th Nov
Nice and cool after yesterday’s heat. 

Day 16

Wednesday 25th Nov
Reached 100kms today. 

Day 15

Tuesday 24th Nov
Much better out there today after yesterday’s flooding rain. 

Day 14

Monday 23rd Nov
A mix of walking indoors and outdoors today because the weather isn’t playing nice. 

Day 13

Sunday 22nd Nov
Glad I did an early morning walk as the rain came a lot earlier than expected and I spotted that rabbit again. 

           ( ‘;‘ )

Day 12

Saturday 21st Nov
My cousin accompanied me on the walk today and made a donation. 

Day 11

Friday 20th Nov
At the half way mark and going strong. 

Day 10

Thursday 19th Nov
Early walk today to beat the 34 degree heat. 

Day 9

Wednesday 18th Nov
Lots to see today, a rabbit in the revegetation area by the creek and a plane leaving a contrail behind. 
Check out the photo. 

Day 8

Tuesday 17th Nov
And the walk continues. Let’s see how many more kms I can clock up. 

Day 7

Monday 16th Nov
Made it to the zoo :-)

   ^ _^
   ( ‘o’ )
   ( uu )

Day 6

Sunday 15th Nov
The mowers are asleep but the birds are chirping and the frogs are happily croaking away.
Came across a family of ducks by the creek.  How nice is that.

Day 5

Saturday 14th Nov
Spring brings all sort of colour in nature and Saturday mornings bring the smell of freshly mown grass. 

Day 4

Friday 13th Nov
It’s overcast again today but nothing spooky going on out there. 
Another walk done so time to put the feet up and have a cuppa. 

Day 3

Thursday 12th Nov
Beautiful morning to be out. Even the ducks think so, they are out for a swim. 

Day 2

Wednesday 11th Nov
It is very windy again today and the rain is definitely coming but I managed to complete my walk before it starts to pour. 

Day 1

Tuesday 10th Nov
Will be walking down many paths over the next few weeks.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Christine Vasili

I know you can do this Mary Ann, all the best.


John Falcone

Mary Ann,thanks again for the opportunity to contribute to your worthy cause. How are you going with your walk? It’s hard if it’s raining. Take care and enjoy the afternoon. Kind regards, John Falcone.


Mario Briffa

Great work MaryAnn! Xxx



Well done Mary Ann


Mary Ann Callus


Antoinette And Doris Penza

Hi Mary Ann, Good on you Champ! Love from Antoinette & Doris!


Tess Vallone

You’re gonna own those 42kms ❤️



Great work Mary Ann This would have been like a walk in the park for you, but with good benefit for the cause


Lynley Coldstream

What an awesome achievement Mary Ann! You smashed the distance more than 3x over!


Irene Vallone

So proud of you sis. Walk and be happy!


Sue Burton

Great work Mary Ann. West is Best!


Susan James

Well done


Julie Kelly

Great stuff Maryann - some nice Spring days to get you out and about - happy walking


Doris Briffa

You're doing a good job Mary Ann.