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My target 42 kms

I'm walking to support care for cancer patients in Melbourne's west!

I'm taking on 42km in 21 days to show support, care and compassion for cancer patients in Melbourne's west.

The funds I raise for Western Health will support additional care initiatives for patients experiencing a cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • $50 could cover the costs of a taxi to and from a chemotherapy session for patients with limited support networks
  • $100 could help to provide a pack of essential care items to a patient diagnosed with cancer, to help cope with the various stages of treatment
  • $250 could pay for a patient to enrol in a specially tailored gym package, ensuring they are physically able to meet the challenges of chemotherapy.

Please make a donation and support my challenge. Any contribution you can make will help make a difference.

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$50 raised

$250 raised

$500 raised

Whitten Oval (3km complete)

Sun Theatre (6km complete)

Williamstown Beach (13km complete)

Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club (29km complete)

Werribee Zoo (challenge complete @42km)

My Updates

Will be starting as soon as I'm out of isolation

Monday 1st Nov
I will be starting this as soon as I'm out of isolation and I get a negative result. I need a negative result so I can have my chemo treatment on Thursday, otherwise I'd have to ring the hospital and postpone it for a fortnight.

The reason why I am doing this walk

Wednesday 20th Oct
The reason why I am doing this walk is because I'm one of the Western Health patients going through chemo for the rest of my life, for as long as I can handle the chemo. 

My oncologist Suzy sent me a email this morning, telling me about the Western Walk, its only 41km and I'm planning on beating that amount next month. It is from November 1 to November 21.

The money raised goes to the Oncology department (the cancer ward) so I'm going to do what I can and walk as far as I can that my legs will take me.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kayleen And Richard

We are very proud of you for participating in this fundraiser. We know you will exceed. 😀😀