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As you progress through your fundraising journey you will receive event badges attached to your fundraising page. The more you raise, the more badges you will receive.

Prizes will also be awarded to Top Individual and Top Team fundraisers.

Personalise your fundraising page

Upload a photo and share your fundraising story

Share your fundraising page

Share your fundraising page via your Facebook page

Receive your first donation

Start fundraising by getting your first donation

Reach your fundraising target

Reach the fundraising target you set for yourself

Increase your fundraising target

Aim higher and increase your fundraising goal

Raise $30 for a free WalkWest t-shirt

Get your free exclusive WalkWest 2020 t-shirt

Raise $250 for a Double movie pass

Shout your friend to a night out at the movies 

Raise $500 for an exclusive VIP experience

Receive entry into our VIP marquee for you and a friend