How much does it cost to register?

It’s free to register and participate in WalkWest VLC. Just sign up and start walking from 1 November to raise funds to support care for cancer patients in Melbourne’s west.

I’m having trouble registering?

Please contact us on 1300 079 599 or email foundation@wh.org.au

How do I receive my WalkWest VLC bib?

This will be available to download from the Resources page on this website

The Event

Can I walk further or less than 42km?

Yes, you can change your target km up or down from 42km, though our course and landmark badges have been tailored for a 42km course. It is possible to log more than your target amount also, and the more km you walk the better!

Can I walk or run anywhere?

Yes. This is a virtual event and we’re taking you on a virtual tour of the west. You reach your landmarks virtually after completing a set amount of km regardless of your location.

I'm a keen cyclist? Can I cycle the challenge instead?

Yes! Anybody is welcome to participate in WalkWest in whichever way they want. The Leaderboard registers your total Kms logged – and while there are no prizes or badges for the participant who clocks up the most KM’s overall, you will still be able to keep adding distances. You can also participate in our WalkWednesday weekly challenges to add to the experience by challenging others in your team or in the Facebook group.

What are the landmarks on the course?

You start at Flemington Racecourse (0km), Whitten Oval (3km) , the Sun Theatre (3km), Williamstown Beach (6.5km), Sanctuary Lakes Golf Course (17km), and finally Werribee Zoo (13.5km). Landmarks will be achieved in the above order. The order cannot be altered.

How will the WalkWednesday Challenges work?

Each Wednesday during the Challenge, all participants will receive an email to invite them to join in our mystery weekly challenge. Virtually visit some other fabulous locations around the west; discover more of your backyard; respond to spot challenges or competitions... There will be prizes up for grabs and surprise competitions to help you experience the best of the west and to keep you fit and keep things fun!


Can I create or join a team?

Yes. After filling out your personal details you’ll have the choice to create or join a team (or skip this for now). When you create a team you’ll automatically be assigned team captain. As a captain you can invite others to join you. You have the option to show your team as 'open to public', meaning anyone can join your team or 'private', meaning only invited people can join your team. You can still create or join a team at a later stage if you want to.

I’ve already registered. Can I still create or join a team?

Yes, within your dashboard below your main image you’ll see CREATE A TEAM. Click on this if you wish to create a team. If you’d like to join a team, please use the “find a friend” search bar on the home page. Once you’ve found your team’s page, click on the JOIN TEAM button.

Can the 42km target be achieved within a group?

The target of 42km will remain individual. Should you create a team, all your fundraising tallies from your individual pages will be accrued to form a team total visible on the team page.

People can’t find my team, why?

Check with your team captain and make sure they have the team page set to “Open to Public” within the team page settings.

Can we walk together as a team?

Please adhere to your local government COVID-19 restrictions. Depending on what level of restrictions your area are under will dictate if you can walk together or not.


Do I need to fundraise?

On registering you will be set up with a fundraising page. We encourage all participants to fundraise to support care for cancer patients in Melbourne’s west.

Do I need to raise a certain amount?

No. We only ask that you fundraise as much as you are able. Our default target per person is $250, which you can increase or decrease as you register or from within your dashboard once registered. We have fundraising incentives starting from $50 to encourage you along. To view these go to the ‘How it Works’ page.

How do I create a fundraising page?

A fundraising page will be created automatically upon completing your registration. After registering, check your email and follow the instructions to complete your set up.

What do I get for fundraising?

Besides the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the delivery of improved health outcomes for the people of Melbourne’s west, your fundraising will be incentivized and acknowledged. You can view these incentives on the ‘How It Works’ page of this website.

I’m having issues with my fundraising page?

Please contact us at foundation@wh.org.au

Will people who donate get a tax-deductible receipt?

Supporters who donate to your fundraising page will be emailed a tax receipt instantly at the time of donation. If you have any queries regarding receipts, please email foundation@wh.org.au.

I’ve shared my fundraising page on Facebook, why can’t I see the donations on my fundraising page?

If you have used the Facebook Donate button, your donation will be sent to your nominated charity via Facebook’s fundraising platform and cannot be linked to your WalkWest VLC fundraising page. We advise that you don’t use the Facebook Donate button so your donations can be linked to your fundraising page and the event – and add to your Leaderboard tally. If you’ve already set up a post with a Donate button, delete the post and create a new one, without adding the Donate button. This is the only way to remove the Facebook Donate button.

When will fundraising close off?

Fundraising will be open until 5pm on Friday 10 December, 2021.

I’ve raised $50. When do I receive my medal?

We are aiming to post out all medals within 48 business hours after you have achieved your $50 fundraising target. They’ll be sent via mail.

Can I buy a t-shirt?

T-shirts will not be available for purchase this year but you can still get an exclusive 2021 t-shirt by raising (or donating) $250.

What if I receive the wrong size shirt?

Please call us on 1300 079 599 for us to discuss how we can exchange your t-shirt (unworn).

Distance tracking

What if I don’t have a smart device?

Simply enter your km manually via your dashboard. Please refer to the ‘Log your KM’ page under ‘How it works’ for instructions

How do I log my km online?

Please refer to the ‘Log your KM’ page under ‘How it works’

How do I connect my fitness device?

Please refer to the ‘Log your KM’ page under ‘How it works’

What if my km aren’t updating on my dashboard?

Firstly, check that your App is still synced to your dashboard. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for an App workout to sync. If all attempts fail, simply use the manual option. Please refer to the ‘Log your KM’ page for more on this.

Can I start logging km before 1 November?

You can start practicing the logging of your km anytime after registering on your dashboard however, we will reset all km logged prior to 1 November so that everyone starts off the same base.

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